The Starlight

by Markus Manstroma

11-inch x 14 inch acrylic on board. The musicians featured in the piece are: Slim Richie, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Butch Hancock, Colin Gilmore, and John Walker

Markus Manstroma was born in Delaware and raised in the United Kingdom, mostly in Cornwall and Hertford. He took art history and painting at Campus West College Hertford. He relocated to the USA in the early ‘90s and owned his own art gallery in Lubbock, Texas. Markus moved to Terlingua, Texas in 2019 after living in San Diego for over 20 years. He now resides in Alpine, Texas.

Markus employs a folk art style often with surrealistic themes. His art contains vibrant colors inspired by his childhood love for comics. Markus’s art is heavily influenced by the Big Bend area, specifically Terlingua, often depicting local sites and people. Just as Markus wears his heart on his sleeve, his artwork reflects a deep love for his weird and wild community.