Letters from the Editor

by Kate Keenan

Photo by Tony Drewry

Anniversary Letter

Dear Readers,

This issue makes the fourth, bringing us full circle through an entire year of seasonal issues. In July 2021, I had an idea. My whole community was talented, artistic, creative, and, I felt, unrepresented. So, I thought I might try my hand at an electronic literary magazine, a place to showcase works by locals. This idea rapidly grew. People heard about it and asked for print copies. So, I endeavored to figure out how to do a magazine layout for print, so I could gift contributors. Then, others asked if they could buy one, so I decide to make limited copies. The next thing I knew, I was running a magazine without any prior experience doing so. Thankfully, my skillset lent me to a better learning experience, and all has gone smoothly for the most part, though sometimes I move slowly, trying with all my might to bring you all the best visual and reading experience possible.

Thank you for staying with us during this process. Thank you, especially, to the editors, contributors, and sponsors of this publication. Without you, we could not keep it up. You motivate us, inspire us, and put in the legwork needed to create this beautiful work quarterly. We hope the product has returned to you what you have given us.

With Gusto,

Kate Keenan, Managing Editor

Issue Four: Rain Dance Letter

Dear Readers (again),

When we conceived of Rain Dance, we were thinking about our dry river, this year’s drought, and our desire for rain to come pouring across the desert, reviving life and restoring nature. Monsoon season has come upon us, but it is not as wet as last year. So, we desert rats keep dancing, as the rest of the world does. The smell of rain is different here. It is of bentonite, wet dust, and cacti opening their pores. Wind carries it across the basin, over thirty miles away, and we watch eagerly, waiting, hoping, for the downpour. Water, the lifegiver, is our greatest wish.

This issue isn’t just about rain, however. It’s about survival, adaptation, gratefulness, resilience, joy, and growth. Water is the element of regeneration. Take a moment to yourself. Pour yourself a tall glass of ice water and set it on the side table. Sit and read through these inspiring pages, soak in the beautiful artwork and photography. Rest and regenerate your soul with lively tales, contemplative wordwork, and reminders of our ability as living beings to overcome anything.

With Gusto,

Kate Keenan, Managing Editor

Kate Keenan is a writer whose work has been published in Noise City Zine, The Ductile Anchor, Live at the Coffin Shop, The Bullard Bulletin, Pond Trade Magazine, MacroMicroCosm, and campfire stories for her four children, among others. Kate holds a Master of Arts in English from the University of Texas at Tyler. Her residence straddles the worlds between her birthplace in the lush green of East Texas and the dazzling desert landscape of Big Bend. She’s usually sweaty from the Texas heat and is currently watching a rainstorm over the Chisos Mountains while typing at an ancient folding card table, coffee by her side. She is the founder and managing editor of Big Bend Literary Magazine. Kate is a proofreader, copywriter, social media marketer, and web designer. Find her at https://katekeenanmarketing.com.

After life as a Master Plumber turned expert beer consultant, Tony Drewry has spent the better part of the last ten years exploring in great depth the wild backcountry of Texas, Mexico, and the American Southwest, before landing in the Big Bend region of Far West Texas and Northern Mexico for an extended period. In this time, he's honed his photography while capturing some of the most beautiful scenery and nature that this world has to offer. While the adventures continue, he has begun to share visually some of his favorite captures across multiple mediums, and orally through spoken word and song. He's said that the Big Bend stole his heart at its first chance, but that was the beginning of much more. So stay tuned. His website is tonydrewry.myportfolio.com/.