Pocketful of Clouds

by Marc Utter

Photography by Tony Drewry

All the stars left the party and went on their way

The sun kept his promise and started the day

The river’s like ice and the canyon’s ablaze

The morning awakes to a pocket of clouds

The batter is up and the coffee’s been made

It’s juevos rancheros and pancakes today

Then pack it back up and push into the waves

The water knows the way

Through the pocket of clouds today

Banker, professor

Professions I’ve known

They all pale compared to the white water road

With oars in their locks I sit here in my throne

Through the sun wind and rain

With a pocketful of clouds to my name

Cause there’s nothing

Absolutely nothing

Half so much worth doing

As messing around with boats

That’s what we say

With a pocketful of clouds to my name

To save on housing I bought me a tent

And still I can’t tell you where my last paycheck went

But I know I had a better time than paying the rent

It all add up the same

I’ve got a pocketful of clouds to my name

Still there’s no job on God’s green earth I’d rather do

We get prime rib, potatoes

Later mulligan stew

Some call it poverty with a hell of a view

There’s give and there’s take and there’s a pocketful of clouds to my name

I drink with the grownups

I play with the kids

My job is more fun than your vacation is

If you had a good time, let me know with your tips

So when you head home, you might have a pocketful of clouds to my name


Any boat any river any time any land

From the Chillcat to the Middle Fork to the red

Rio Grande

Sweep boats and dorys, rafts and canoes

The river’s never the same

Never be ashamed

To have a pocketful of clouds to your name

Marc Utter is a musician from Terlingua, TX. Marc has played in numerous bands, including Strings Attached, The Good Medicine Band, and Hundred Year Flood. Marc has a Bachelor's in Theater and Music from the University of North Texas. A staple of the Big Bend music community, he can often be found playing at the Starlight or on the porch after hours. Bio photo by Bill Palmer. Bio

rAfter life as a Master Plumber turned expert beer consultant, Tony Drewry has spent the better part of the last ten years exploring in great depth the wild backcountry of Texas, Mexico, and the American Southwest, before landing in the Big Bend region of Far West Texas and Northern Mexico for an extended period. In this time, he's honed his photography while capturing some of the most beautiful scenery and nature that this world has to offer. While the adventures continue, he has begun to share visually some of his favorite captures across multiple mediums, and orally through spoken word and song. He's said that the Big Bend stole his heart at its first chance, but that was the beginning of much more. So stay tuned. His website is tonydrewry.myportfolio.com/.