I Still Wait for You

Poetry Collection and Photos By Bill Palmer

Storms On The Horizon

No matter what happens

No matter how hard the winds blow

The morning comes with the birdsongs

And the mesquites stand

To meet the day again

Lightning all night

In my old heart

Dark clouds to the west

Hanging like black wings

In the dark

Backlit in brief flashes by the electricity

That keeps me alive

In The Dark

Many years ago

Lifetimes perhaps

I waited in the grove

After midnight

For her to come to me

I watched through the dark

Down the dirt path

Barefoot and shirtless


As if this night

Was the last chance

We’d ever have

Last Kiss

I had that dream again

We laid curled

In the gray darkness

No one around


She was perfectly framed

By the night around her

My head in her lap

Her hands cupping my face

And she leaned down slow

To kiss me

And her lips

And her tongue

Fresh with the words

I love you

Touched mine


He received her letter

Opened it like a gift


As not to tear anything

Sitting behind the wheel

Rolling a smoke

Engine warming...

She said she’d like to see him

If he would come

So many miles

So many years

So many dreams of her

He looked

In the Rearview

At his graying beard

And wrinkled brow

Lit his smoke

And went on to work

Gentle Song

After the blaze

We gathered

And moved gently

Through the smoldering remains

The women held up their skirts

Not to touch the ground

And the men spit tobacco juice

That sizzled

I reached down

And swept ash away

From the little metal box

That you gave me

Under the pines, back east

Still unopened

With our secret safe


Summertime Song

Give me miles

Of dirt road

Cold ale between my thighs

And I might just

Take over the world

What will I do with it?

I’ll take it back

To where it came from

Give it a ride in my old truck

I’ll take it to the edge of time

Take it fishing

Buy it a beer

Set it free

Find my true love

Wrapped in its wings

And lay down with her there

At the end of the road

Old Bones

I put my fingers in the dirt

Digging handfuls

Til they bled

Sweating in the last of the day

Until the sun set

And I found the memory

Of my love for her


The Keeper

Let go

She said

And you can keep me

So I did

And here she is

A decade later

Bill Palmer is a songwriter, record producer, and poet who splits his time between Terlingua, TX and Santa Fe, NM. He was raised in Red Springs, TX, near Tyler, and attended the University Of Texas at Austin. He is married to singer-songwriter Stephanie Hatfield, and they have two grown children. He regularly plays at the local spots around the Big Bend region and has recently been producing records in and around Terlingua for local and traveling artists. In September 2019, while in Colombia without a guitar to play, he began writing poetry and made a deal with himself to write at least one poem per day and release it into the world, accompanied by a photo that suits the poem. You can find Bill's music on Spotify and the links below: