Mission and Masthead

Big Bend Literary Magazine's mission is to support the artistic community of the Big Bend region by showcasing the work of creators inspired by its local nature, beauty, and culture.

Big Bend Literary Magazine is published quarterly as a soulful, picturesque electronic and print experience to educate and entertain.


Kate Keenan

Kate Keenan is a writer whose work has been published in Noise City Zine, The Ductile Anchor, Live at the Coffin Shop, The Bullard Bulletin, Pond Trade Magazine, and campfire stories for her four children, among others. Kate holds a Master's of Arts in English from the University of Texas at Tyler. Kate’s current project is a book titled A Lion with Wings, a collection of her writing during her grief for a close friend lost to suicide. Her residence straddles the worlds between her birthplace in the lush green of East Texas and the dazzling desert landscape of Big Bend. She’s usually sweaty from the Texas heat and is currently watching a rainstorm over the Chisos Mountains while typing at an ancient folding card table, coffee by her side. Kate is a wife and the mother of four beautiful humans. She is the founder and managing editor of Big Bend Literary Magazine. Kate is a proofreader, copywriter, social media marketer, and web designer. Find her at https://katekeenanmarketing.com.

Jennifer Pittinger

Jennifer is a photographer and artist who has traveled and lived across the U.S.A. Jennifer is dedicated to philanthropy and is passionate about building strong communities. Her love of nature is evident in her photography, blending manmade elements or influences with that of the natural world. Jennifer is a resourceful photographer, often finding beauty others may overlook. Her desert landscapes and portraits of flora, fauna, landforms, and ethnologic structures exhibit a distinctive style of contrasting tones, space, lines, and form. Jennifer is the assistant editor and photography editor of Big Bend Literary Magazine.

Rainey Miller

After doing housekeeping jobs in several national parks, Rainey earned her Master of Agriculture degree at Sul Ross University in Alpine, Texas, and has an upcoming internship involving caring for wolves, bears, and big cats. She hopes to one day work in the field of conservation. Rainey is the former editor of the Sul Ross Skyline magazine and the illustrator of a soon-to-be-published ethnobotany book about native Texas plants. She sells mugs with her artwork on them at the farmers’ market in Alpine. Rainey is the prose editor and assistant art editor of Big Bend Literary Magazine.

Mary Diesel

Mary has been swimming around in the arts most of her Pisces life. In between, she had many jobs with many hats and some even with uniforms. Now she's able to devote most of her time to living healthfully and making even more art. Her writing life came and mostly went early on, through poetry and technical writing, but she still loves to read with an artist's eye, absorb with a reader's heart, and contribute with an editor's toolkit. Mary is the poetry editor of Big Bend Literary Magazine.

Josh Keenan

Joshua Keenan is an avant-garde artist and graphic designer from East Texas. Well-traveled, his art has been displayed in both solitary and collaborative art shows in Los Angeles, Denver, Tampa, Dallas, Austin, and Tyler. He focuses his graphic design on underground and privately-owned organizations, aiming at individuals, self-made companies, bands, events, and non-profit organizations.

His vibrantly colored, meticulous works often depict a holistic illustration united by detailed images. Frequently, these images evoke political, philosophical, and spiritual sensibilities. Josh incorporates natural elements such as trees, mountains, water, plants, and the human face and figure. His form is highly stylistic, identifiable across works, no matter their medium or content. Josh takes everyday experience and exposes the psychedelic.

Josh currently resides primarily in Terlingua, TX with his wife, Kate, and four children. Josh is the art editor of Big Bend Literary Magazine.

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Header photograph by Jennifer Pittinger