Then We Know What Sacred Is

by Betheney Reid

After the storm

when we have lost electricity

and the water is off

or undrinkable

A darkness comes

and our thirst starts to

turn our mouth to salt.

We return to the moonglow

to see our way.

We look to the drops of water

on the plants we pass without notice every day

but now stop

and lick the moisture

eyes closed

to better feel

the wetness on our tongue

and imagine the inside of our mouth

opening every cell.

Only in that moment

do we know what sacred is.

Betheny L. Reid is a writer with years of poetry and fiction hidden in boxes, letters and emails sent to family and friends. Not wanting an Emily Dickenson-type post-mortem, Ms. Reid now submits her writing for publication to share with others. Ms. Reid currently lives in Dallas, Texas, but is often found hiking on a trail somewhere far from the city.

Lala Abaddon is a Terlingua artist specializing in metaweaving. She seeks to examine the dual nature of binary relationships with parallels that give shape to their physical existence. Lala studied Sociology and Religion, and is an Artha Project alumni in New York City.Lala has had showings in NYC and Syracuse. she also taught at the School of Visual Arts in NYC and completed multiple residencies, including Long Road Projects in Jacksonville FL and the Red Bull House of Art in Detroit, MI. Lala’s work can be found on Instagram at lala_abaddon.